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Well over 50% of people have it on their bucket list to write a book, but so few put aside the time to make their dream come true.

It’s time for your creative self; it’s time for a Date with the Muse.

By offering regular classes in writing craft and one-on-one sessions, Date With The Muse specializes in helping writers move through the boundaries that hold them back. Writing Coach Annalisa Parent has developed a technique that integrates an award-winning teaching career with a deep study of writing craft.

Parent was a 2015 Vermont Teacher of the Year nominee. “One of the reasons I was nominated,” she says, “was my ability to individualize the learning experience, to really listen and hear what a student needs, where they are, and to help bring them to the next level.” Parent brings that expertise and intuition to her work with writers.

“It was amazing,” Sophia, a writer working with Parent, “one of the first things she said to me was ‘it sounds like you’re a verbal processor and you need to talk out your ideas.’ She said she was here to listen and help me find my best ideas. And she did. It works. Every time. It’s like she could just figure out how I think, and then help me to think, and then write, better.”

Are you tired of the gratuitous “This is so great” type of feedback or the “Don’t quit your day job” kind of feedback? Neither is helpful, right?

What you want is the kind of targeted, constructive feedback that can move you forward from someone who works to understand your piece and accept your goals for it. You need real strategies, not platitudes or over-the-top criticism. You need honest perspective from someone who knows her stuff and can help your writing meet its full potential.

Are you looking to work with someone who cares about your work and your direction as a writer, who will help you see your strengths as a writer, and will give you specific strategies to work through your writing challenges and meet your writing potential?

I have been coaching writers for over ten years and have helped many move through the publication process. I am a published author and journalist, an award-winning teacher, and editor of a national publication. I love to help writers become the best they can be, and share in the delight when you discover the talent inside of you.

Do any of these describe your situation?process_graphic

  1. I don’t know where to start
  2. I’ve started but I don’t know where to go next
  3. I’ve finished a draft. Now what?

Coaching can help you with any of these.

About my One on One Coaching:

Active listening is an important part of the work we do together.  I will ask you questions about yourself, your project, your goals.  Your responses help to inform how we can best work together.

What are the steps in the process?  What does working with you look like?

I will help you to determine your visions and goals–either for a specific project or to help you move into a more creative space.  We’ll talk about what you do well already as we work through some creativity-enhancing activities and Individualized Inspiration Sessions.™

As you work through the goals you’ve set, I will offer regular feedback, focusing on your strengths and progress, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and reshape your goals.

I’m interested in working with you. What’s next?

I can’t wait to see what you’re writing and to help the project– and you– reach full writing potential. Please sign on up for a Writing Consultation in the calendar to the left. During your hour-long session, we’ll set specific goals for your project. You will walk away with a comprehensive writing plan, and a better of how I work and whether we’re the right match.

What Others Are Saying

“Annalisa is a wonderful guide and teacher for those on the writing path. Her extensive knowledge of the written word, her grace in providing incredibly detailed feedback is impressive and inspiring.”

“She has real insight into your voice as a writer and is such an asset when you’re in the midst of the forest and can’t quite see your way out of the project. I can’t wait to take another workshop with her.”

Daintry Jensen


Robert Testimonial

“Annalisa has a great knack for getting the best out of you and getting you to write better and faster than you thought possible. I’m looking forward to working with her to get my next book out the door, so I can book even more great gigs.”

Robert Bradford

Center for Simplified Strategic Planning
Speaker, National Speakers Association Member

Author of the Best-Seller Simplified Strategic Planning: a No-Nonsense Guide for Busy People Who Want Results Fast!

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