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Are you tired of the gratuitous “this is so great” type of feedback or the “Don’t quit your day job” kind of feedback? Neither is helpful, right?

What you want is the kind of targeted, constructive feedback that can move you forward from someone who works to understand your piece and accept your goals for it. You need real strategies, not platitudes or over-the-top criticism. You need honest perspective from someone who knows her stuff and can help your writing meet its full potential.

Are you looking to work with someone who care about your work and your direction as a writer, who will help you see your strengths as a writer, and rather than pointing out your flaws, will give you specific strategies to work through your writing challenges and meet your writing potential.

I have been coaching writers for over ten years and have helped many move through the publication process. I am a published author and journalist, an award-winning teacher, and editor of a national publication. I love to help writers become the best they can be, and share in the delight when you discover the talent inside of you.

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