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Through a Cat’s Eyes

I submitted a story today to be included in an upcoming book on Rescue Cats.  Would you read this story?

What does it feel like to be a cat, alone on the streets, unrescued, unloved, unnamed?

In a community where there are more stray animals than people, Mama Kitty faces the constant threat of other animals invading her home,  harming her babies– or worse: of being captured by the man with the metal cage that rattles and never brings any cat back.  At least not alive.

Things turn from bad to worse when she is taken in by the kind woman renting the house in front of her dilapidated shed home and she feels comfort and love for the first time.  This should be a good thing, right? Mama Kitty knows from experience how tenuous a human invitation can be.  One misstep and she could be out the door,*gasp* given to the man with the cage.  Who would care for the babies Tom Cat left her with if she were gone?

Worse still, she is actually coming to like this lady who crawls across the floor to her slowly so as not to scare her, feeds her cat food soaked in bacon grease, and gently buried her baby Patches when she was run over by a car.  Can she afford to trust this lady? Can she afford not to?

Mama Kitty is a 3,100 word story that follows the life of  a cat and a woman, from the time they meet during Annalisa’s first job, through their cross-country move, and how they come to bond with and love one another with the help of time and patience. Told through the cat’s eyes, it traces the struggle to trust a human, and ultimately the struggle to let go of the deepest bond she’s ever known.

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