Are your pages 100% ready to win over that agent?

Are you presenting your work to agents at the pitch slam, or planning to pitch an agent soon?

What if an agent asks you for pages on the spot? You only have one chance to make a quality first impression; you need this opportunity to count.

When you hand over those introductory pages, you want to ensure they’re your absolute best work–up to industry standards and so enticing that the agent can’t resist making you an offer.

Are you 100% confident that your first five pages are ready?

Author and Writing Coach Annalisa Parent has helped hundreds of writers to improve their craft and to become published authors. She meets with high-level industry professionals every week to keep her finger on the pulse of the publishing industry. This insider insight helps Annalisa to guide authors not only to write well-crafted manuscripts, but also manuscripts that are viable in today’s market.

Annalisa has coached writers at dozens of writing conferences around the world. She has helped these future authors 

  • to polish their pages, 
  • to find the winning pitch angle for their piece, and 
  • to make their work shine in time to present to agents. 

The results? Multiple full manuscript requests–even from agents who had said no to these same authors before. 

What changed? After just a 20-minute session with Annalisa, writers found clarity and confidence on how to communicate their novel’s strengths to agents–strengths all agents are looking for in a manuscript. 

What kind of a first impression do you want to make? Getting a second set of eyes–a professional set of eyes–on your pages and associated pitch, can make all the difference if you want to go from prospect to published author.

Annalisa has opened time in her schedule to read the most crucial part of your manuscript and give you immediately implementable actions for your current work in progress. 

Sessions are limited, so book your spot now. 

Is it worth it? See what other authors have to say.

I was having some doubts about how my second book was going to grab an audience. Working with Annalisa, she gave me a lot of valuable and positive feedback, which gave me a lot of incentive to go forward. This was instrumental in presenting myself to publishers, especially where Annalisa helped me sharpen up my pitch.  

Terence Harkin,

Author of The Big Buddha Bicycle Race

Annalisa is a wonderful guide and teacher. Her extensive knowledge of the written word and her grace in providing incredibly detailed feedback are impressive and inspiring. She has a real insight into your voice as a writer and is such an asset when you’re in the midst of the forest and can’t quite see your way out with the project. 

Daintry Jensen,

Author of The Hidden Forest

Annalisa provides authors with knowledgeable, insider industry information, knowledgeable feedback and a true understanding of how the writing process works so that you can be your best writer.  

Lauren Barker

Contributing Author to Beneath the Stars

Remember, pacing in the first few pages is paramount–these are the pages agents and publishers will judge to determine whether to publish you or not. 

Be sure to sign up for a session to:

  • Master plotting techniques in your beginning pages to get your foot through the door.
  • Use those strategies to write a page-turning story and enhance your chances of becoming a published author.
  • Impress agents and take the next step 

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