We help business owners to write, publish and SELL client magnet books to MASSIVELY scale their businesses. We offer full-service luxury retreats that take you from idea to SOLD, and offer a la carte publishing services.


Available as a full-service start-to-finish package, or a la carte.

Book Preparation

  • A one-on-one meeting with our editor Annalisa to begin the process of preparing your book for editing. Start to brainstorm the intersection of conveying your message and marketability.
  • Eight weeks of online training to walk you through the drafting process step-by-step, from concept to chaptering. You will receive templates, checklists, and other guides to help you work. You will complete your rough draft during this time.
  • We help you to find your voice: the courage to say what you have to say, and how to say it so that your ideal client HEARS you message and wants to pick up the phone to call YOU.
  • Weekly support meetings to walk you through the writing process and ask your editor ANY questions you have.
  • Feedback along the way. Is it clear? Are you communicating your message? Should you talk about this first? Or that? We’ll walk alongside you as you create your message.
  • Full support day and night. Participate in a members only Facebook Group. Ask your questions and get answers anytime you’re stuck.
  • Recordings from all meetings and consultations so you can refer back for guidance and inspiration.
  • A FULL library of resources on the writing process, with tips from a full range of New York industry experts
  • 1-1 Content mentoring sessions. Talk with your professional editor about the progress you’re making, and your individual book content at every step along the way.

High-end book design

  • We design your book to the latest marketability standards. You walk away with a professional book, not something that looks so-five-years-ago.
  • Branding consultation to make sure your BOOK aligns with and augments your brand
  • One-on-one meetings with your personal cover designer to discuss your book cover design options, layout, and branding.
  • Interior graphics consultation and creation
  • Interior Design Consultation
  • ISBN for both your book and ebook
  • Listing on Amazon and Barnes and Noble
  • Full content edit of your manuscript by our team of professionals
  • Full copy edit of your manuscript by our team of professionals
  • YOU own the rights. YOU get all the royalties.
  • HARD COPY of your galleys (pre-print edition of the book) so you can be sure everything LOOKS and FEELS just like you want it to

Author Platform and Book Launch

  • Turning tire-kickers into readers, and readers into clients
  • Yeah, a book’s a great calling card, but can it generate revenue? We’ll show you how.
  • Eight weeks of training and support to create a successful book launch
  • Market analysis specific to your niche
  • Innovative ways to attract an audience
  • Create chapter-based lead magnets to draw in your ideal client
  • How to write a press release for your book launch.
  • Templates for getting high-level reviewers to review your book, and pass it on.
  • Optimize Social Media to gain readers and clients
  • Promotional images of your book


Oh yeah, and a retreat

  • Five wildly creative and productive one-on-one sessions at the retreat that will guide you in creating your amazing manuscript!
  • A super fun professional photo shoot at the retreat that will give you photos that you can use in your book promotions and even the back cover of the book.
  • Create a video for this lead magnet that you can use on your new website.
  • A one-on-one session to develop your website and online presence. Helping you build your author platform is important to us. We will focus quite a bit of our coaching around your author platform. We’re keeping the group small so that we can really concentrate on meeting your needs.
  • Time and guidance at the retreat to help you record your book promo video that you can use on your new website.
  • A one-on-one session to help you create a personalized marketing plan. Your marketing plan will be very specific to your niche, your business, and your book. You will know exactly what to do once you leave the retreat.
  • Mock up of your printed book! We will guide you on how you can pre-sell copies before you even get them from the printer.
  • A cloud folder with all your files. With some publishers, getting your files is like pulling hen’s teeth. Not with us. As soon as your project is completed, we will mail you a link to your final manuscript, a pdf of your book, a pdf of your cover, your ebook files, and your photo shoot images.

Live in the lap of luxury

  • We host our five-night retreats in luxurious locations that include options for massages, long walks, or connection with nature–sometimes all of the above. The beds are comfortable, the rooms high-end. You should be in a place that both inspires and pampers you.
  • Breakfast and lunch buffets. Snacks throughout the day.
  • High Quality restaurant-style dinners.


  • PAYMENT PLANS are available in 6, 5, and 4-month increments, depending on when you register.
  • We include EVERYTHING you need to create and market a successful book in ONE PRICE for our retreat. However, we cover these add-ons to help support you.
    • Have your own room at the retreat (limited supply, first-come first served)
    • 2-month Marketing and Selling Post-retreat Support Mastermind

If you’re ready to MASSIVELY scale your business, to get MORE clients, more gigs, more money, let’s talk about how a client magnet book can be the NEXT STEP for YOU.

Book a call by clicking the button below.

We’ll talk about where your business is, where you’d like to go, and how you can get there.


What is the registration process?

Click the button on the left (or just above if you are on a phone). After you book a registration call and fill out the client intake form (and we do a happy dance), you’ll get an email that includes details about our call together. During that call, we will help you get clear on where you are with your writing and where you want to be. The call will help us know how we can best support you. This part will be valuable for both of us!

Why are we scheduling the Retreats for a week instead of a weekend?

We had actually originally thought in terms of a weekend. We keep our groups small – less than 20 people. But we have found that there is really a lot to cover in the time we have together and it takes a full 5 days to get it all completed. When you consider what is included (editing, cover design, photo shoot, promotional video, custom-made website design, and additional training on author platform and business structure) there is no way to squeeze it into fewer days. In fact, there is so much that we decided to start you 8 weeks before the retreat with online training and a special Facebook Group!

I don’t have time for the retreat. Can you still help me?

Our retreat offers such synergy that we hate that some cannot go through the whole process; however, we do understand that the retreat doesn’t work well for everyone’s schedule. If you are still interested in the process without the retreat, go ahead and book a call with us. We do offer a similar package without the retreat included.

Do you offer financing or a payment plan?

During our registration call, we can discuss our payment plan options. While we do not offer financing, we do have payment plans, early bird pricing, and full payment discounts.

What is the cancellation policy?

There are no refunds for the Laurel Elite Books Retreat. We deeply appreciate your careful consideration in registering. We trust that you’ve carefully reviewed everything from your schedule to your finances to ensure that you can fully commit yourself to the Laurel Elite Books Retreat.

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