Steve Cummins' Success Story

How Steve found the time to write, and fulfilled his 20 year dream of finishing a novel.

Steve’s Success: At a Glance

  • Overcame frustration with the writing process
  • Rediscovered the fun of writing
  • Found a welcoming community of like-minded writers

    How Steve Went from 20 Years of Wheel-spinning to Finally Finishing His Book


    Before the Writing Gym

    Steve always dreamed of writing a novel. He began his writing journey at the age of 22, but like many writers, Steve found that he couldn’t finish a manuscript. 

    Over twenty years had passed, but his novel still had not been completed. With a busy professional and personal life, he couldn’t sit long enough to write. The novel sat neglected for a good decade before he picked it up again in his 30s. 

    As he looked over his pages, Steve felt frustrated with how long it was taking him to finish his novel. Steve told me that when he told his friends about his writing, they said , ”Please, you’re never going to finish.” His parents also knew that he had dreams of being an author, but thought “Okay, we’re going to die without seeing that happen.” 

    When his parents shared their thoughts, Steve felt extra pressure to finish the novel. , He tried, time and time again, to set aside time in his life to dedicate to his writing. He even sought out an editor to help him with his work. It still wasn’t enough. 

    After many years, he hadn’t finished his book and began to dread writing the story he had once loved so much. 

    Then, he and I got on the phone. 

    I met Steve at a publishing class I taught at a Colorado library. He shared with me his journey up until this point: his frustration, sense of loss, and ultimate fear that he would never get this novel written. Once I shared with him the neuroscientific techniques we use in the Writing Gym, the support he would have to finish the book–including accountability and confidence based on what his writing strengths are–Steve decided to invest in his writing career.

    Invest in your Writing Future

    After joining the Writing Gym, Steve immediately began to see massive progress on the novel which he had struggled to finish for two decades. The Writing Gym allowed Steve to commit to his writing. This support held Steve accountable to his writing and gave him new sources of inspiration. 

    Steve was now churning out page after page, AND feeling confidence and creative flow.

    By participating in the Writing Gym, Steve finally had a set routine that allowed his novel writing to progress steadily. 

    Not only that, Steve relished his new supportive writing community. As an extrovert, writing had been a lonely endeavor for him. After joining the Writing Gym, he found a supportive community of like-minded writers to share highs and lows along the writing journey. He gained more than the support of the coaches in the Writing Gym, he also became a part of a larger community, one whose practices are based on neuroscience. 

    Did the Writing Gym make a difference?

    Steve said that if it weren’t for the Writing Gym, it would’ve taken, “well gosh, at this pace, eight years,” instead of the 8 weeks that it took to complete his novel in the Writing Gym.

    Steve’s Success

    Now, Steve has completely written his novel. After spinning his wheels for two decades, he was able to receive the support and guidance to achieve his goal in two months.

    “The biggest change is rediscovering the fun of writing, along with believing that ‘yes, I can finish a novel.’ That it’s not just some dream I gave up on 15 years ago. It’s a dream that I can actually work on and realize.”

    How Can You Get This Kind of Success?

    Have you been spinning your wheels on a writing project? Is it hard to find the time between family obligations, work, and life? Are you ready to STOP letting your writing take a back-burner, and fit your author dream into your busy life? 

    Whether you’re still in the middle of writing your novel like Steve, or you’ve finished and don’t know where to go next, the Writing Gym can help. 

    A word of caution, though: this opportunity is only for serious writers, writers who are tired of false solutions that don’t get them where they want to be, and are ready NOW for change. To be invited into the Writing Gym, you need to be ready and determined to finish and publish your work.

    If you’re interested in getting REAL results as Steve Cummins did, you can drop yourself right into my calendar. I’d love to chat with you about where you are, where you’d like to go, and how you can get there.

    Steve’s Advice: How to Finally Write That Book – Even If You’ve Been Putting it Off For 20 Years

    “The Writing Gym changed me”

    The Writing Gym let me rediscover the fun in writing, made me believe ‘yeah, I can finish a novel,’ and that it wasn’t just some dream I gave up on 15 years ago. The Writing Gym has helped me to believe that finishing a novel is a dream I can actually realize. It’s just truly so exciting.

    Steve Cummins

    Writing Gym VIP Member

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    Want this kind of success?

    We help authors like Lauren go from struggling writers to published authors every day. If you’re serious about publishing, book a call with a member of our team to talk about how we can get you there.

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