How would it be if your book were faster and easier to get out the door?

How about some time away from the distractions to get some real work done?

Step outside your busy life for inspiration, writing time, instruction, discussion, opportunities to share, relaxation, spectacular views, camaraderie, and good food and libations.

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 Let the sun and sand help bring out your best writer

You’ll participate in group writing sessions, enjoy workshops and discussions around the business of publishing, and receive a one-hour long one-on-one session during the week to discuss your writing and book needs. We will set specific goals and objectives for your project, which we will check in on throughout our time together.

Plus, there will be delicious food, and on-call writing coach to help you along if you have a question.

You know– and have known for a long time that if you had time free of distractions and filled with inspiration, you could write that piece that burns inside you – and finish that writing project.  It’s time for a Date with the Muse.

This isn’t like any other writer’s retreat out there.

Here’s what we aren’t going to do:

  • We aren’t going to critique your work. We do share our writing and give feedback, but this is not a writers’ workshop format of your piece.
  • We aren’t going to diagram sentences. But we will talk structure and what makes a good sentence.
  • We aren’t going to network to get published, although I will answer any questions I can about the current state of publishing.
  • We aren’t going to do therapy. This is not a therapeutic retreat, though we will share our writing in a safe space.

If you are uncertain….

I really understand. I’ve felt that way too.  Just as soon as I hit submit, I doubt.  And then I remember what it’s like to feel inspiration and flow in my writing– and I can pack my bags with excitement and anticipation.  You can trust that you will get a high-quality experience with a seasoned coach who has published in multiple genres over many years.

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If you are ready to rekindle your creativity, why not make a date with the muse?

You will also get:

    • A follow-up resource handout
    • A Facebook group to get to know each other beforehand (share rides! save money!) and stay in touch afterward.
    • Carefully designed blocks of time where your writing can flow.  The methods will be use will be based on years of teaching and training.
    • FOCUS—a quiet, meditative environment where meals are simple and participants can focus on writing
    • Workshops and activities promise to feed to muse and offer a nice balance to the time spent at work.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

I’m working on a particular project, and I’m hoping for feedback.

Your one-on-one session is designed to give you targeted feedback.  Due to time limitations, you will be limited to sharing a maximum of five pages during that workshop. However, you can sign up for additional sessions, and we can always continue working together after the retreat as well.

I’m a beginner. Is that okay?

Absolutely. Our retreat is designed to inspire all levels.

You’ll have time to write, time to receive feedback, and a one-on-one session with Annalisa to focus on your book’s progress and your writing goals.

You’ll leave with the words on the page ready to take your writing career to the next level, to be a published author, and to sell your books.

Why now? Why Annalisa?

Whether you want to self-publish or traditional publish, Annalisa has experience helping hundreds of writers to move their projects out the door and into the world.  She is a seasoned teacher, author, and writer with a unique knack for drawing out your best writer. Want to know more about Annalisa’s credentials?


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Annalisa Parent Author Writing Workshop Testimonial.

Annalisa Parent Author Writing Workshop Testimonial.

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