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Colorado Writing School

Annalisa worked with fiction writers at the Colorado Writing School.

Burlington Writers Workshop

Annalisa has presented many classes and workshops for the Burlington Writers Workshop.

League of Vermont Writers

I have presented several times to the League of Vermont Writers on a wide array of topics from creativity to social media in an author platform. 

I spoke on Biz Blab Brand about top ways to kick writer's block to the curb.

Pink Pangea

This month, we’re interviewing women from all over the world and asking them about their experiences traveling to Norway. We had the privilege of speaking with Annalisa Parent about her experience traveling through Scandinavia. Here’s a glimpse into our conversation....

iHeart Radio Natural Born Speakers

Want to Be The Expert who Wrote the Book on it? Annalisa Parent shares her top tips here.

Story Sparks’ Monday Morning Series

Each week an awesome girl boss will share her Monday Morning habits to inspire you. This week Annalisa Parent shares hers!

Design Your Creative Life Virtual Summit

Annalisa presented as part of "Design your Creative Life" an online creative summit.

The Liberated Woman Podcast

Can you remember the last time that you literally smelled the flowers? Acted silly? Skipped around? Invoked a sense of PLAY into your life? Neither can I! But we all know exactly what it looks like. Small children playing in a park – with no fear or doubt surrounding...

ACE Networking Denver, CO

Annalisa was a featured speaker at the ACE Networking event in Denver CO.

Huffington Post Live

Annalisa was interviewed on Huffington Post Live about her character’s dating blog.  

Annalisa wrote for a Telly-Award winning television show on CBS for three seasons. As Copy Producer, she oversaw the production of scripts and their filming. She also co-starred in the “Odd Couple” and “What Not to Say” segments. The show won a Telly Award in its...

Writers Digest Annual Conference 2017

Featured Speaker at the Writers Digest Annual Conference 2016 and 2017

Korean Broadcast Systems

Something like South Korea's CNN, Annalisa Parent was featured in an interview, and reading poetry on Korean national television.

Rapid Growth Podcast

Learn how Annalisa Parent escaped 9 to 5 and started her dream business Share 31Share Tweet 1Pin 0Share     Annalisa Parent is a writing coach and teaches writing classes in Vermont and across the country. She is the editor of Chair & Pen: Musings on...

Business 360 Bootcamp

Annalisa Parent was proud to present along thought leaders such as Kimra Luna at the Business 360 Summit: London.

Leveraged and Loving It

Many coaches and thought leaders want to write a book - and with good reason! A book is a fantastic marketing tool. But, writing doesn't come naturally to many of us. And, it can be hard to get started. We also don't want to publish something terrible that's full of...

The Podcaster’s Life

October 18, 2017 in Podcaster Interviews by Alexander Laurin Featured Podcaster: Annalisa Parent & the Writing Gym Annalisa Parent 05/11/2016 Writing Workouts Do you need writing workouts?  Listen to the Writing Gym Podcast with Annalisa Parent.  She, and her...

Introvert Business Summit

Annalisa Parent spoke as a part of the 2017 Introvert Business Summit about how a book can help introverts open doors.

Rewrite Africa

Annalisa Parent has been a featured speaker at the Rewrite Africa conference in Port Harcourt, Nigeria in 2016 and 2017.

Positive Phil Podcast

Writing Coach Who is Professional and Amazing Annalisa Parent She is a writing coach. She helps writers start, finish, and bring to publication writing in all genres. Annalisa believes in helping writers to see what they do well through...

Start Your Thing Podcast

Episode Info In this interview Annalisa talks about her journey of starting a business as a writing coach and how others can do the same.  Annalisa Parent is the editor of Butt to Chair, Pen to Paper, a Medium Channel about the writing process & life. She has...

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