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Of the 20 million would-be authors the Bowker Report claims want to publish a book,
the reports states only 1 million books are actually published per year.

What happens to the other 19 million people?
Are you one of them?

Many writers have come to me after wasting years and hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on workshops, conferences, and classes that don’t work.

These classes blame the writer for not publishing—when the onus is not on the writer, but on the class for working against the writer’s natural brain function for creativity.

That’s right: pretty much everything
you’ve been told about
writing and publishing
is wrong.

Are you one of the 19 million authors struggling to finish and publish your book?

Are you frustrated trying to write, publish or sell your novel?

Do you feel like there’s a secret formula or insider knowledge that if you just had, you could be successful?

Are you tired of watching others publish, others whose stories aren’t as compelling or as well-told as yours could be?

Would-be authors rightly ask:

How do I write a novel?

How do I publish a novel?

How do I sell a novel?

To live the author lifestyle— to make money from your books and have fans eager to read your next one,
to have an impact and leave the world a better place-
you need to master each one of these complex phases.

The Writing Gym Difference

Date With the Muse operates The Writing Gym, a comprehensive writing program that helps writers through each phase of the process from idea to sold, from manuscript to living the author lifestyle.

Our programs are called the Writing Gym. Why?

Because you have to work. Apply meeting the muse to actually working it. Like a real gym, if you want results, you have to show up. This opportunity isn’t for everyone. If you’re serious about writing, publishing and selling a novel, book a call with a member of our team. Click here to talk with us about our programs, and whether they are the right fit to get you from where you are to where you want to go.

What authors are saying . . .

“Annalisa is a bloody marvel. Since starting with Annalisa I’ve completed two anthologies, written a third, and started two more–not to mention making major progress on my novel. She brought things out of me I hadn’t even realized I knew and made me think about my own writing in ways I’d never done before.” -Stephen Oliver (Read more about Stephen's Success in the Writing Gym)

“My time with the Writing Gym has been nothing short of amazing. I have taken a story that has been in my brain for years and turned it into a humorous novel of which I am fiercely proud. Now that I’ve proven to myself I can finish writing a novel, I’m off to write my second while I query the first to agents. Look out, New York Times bestseller list. Here I come!” -Barbara Zito (Read more about Barbara’s Success in The Writing Gym)

“Do the Writing Gym. Jump now. If I could, I would go back and tell myself this years ago. I’d probably be so much further along than I am now, and would have saved myself so much frustration, so much wasted time and honestly wasted money too. The Writing Gym has been by the most productive, most helpful writing program, I’ve used. I wish that I’d started it years ago.” -Lauren Barker (Read more about Lauren’s Success in The Writing Gym)

“If I was going to spend the money getting my MFA or spend the money on the Writing Gym, there is no question. Save the MFA money and put it into the Writing Gym. The MFA may or may not get you where you want to be, but work we do in the Writing Gym does.” -Jeanne Covert (Read more about Jeanne’s Success in The Writing Gym)

“While revising my documents to send to agents, it hit me in an overwhelming way how my story, my manuscript, went through an evolution in the making. Recognizable, but yet, skillfully crafted. Describing my story in the query letter, synopsis, and elevator pitch is a huge step towards getting published. I am actually preparing to send my story to agents. Unbelievable” -Marlena Colino (Read more about Jeanne’s Success in The Writing Gym)

“It’s hard finding time with a 3-month-old, but it’s been excuse after excuse for years now. I need to sit down, say I’m going to write this book. I’m really glad I joined the Writing Gym VIP because I finally have the accountability and support to get my book done.” -Allie Powers (Read more about Allie's Success in The Writing Gym)

“I met Annalisa at the Writer’s Digest conference in New York, and joined the writing Gym. Best writing choice I’ve made so far. Annalisa answered my most complex questions, created an environment of safety and creativity, calmed me down, sped me up, and helped me discover my personal writing process. All using a massive set of skills born of experience and study, and a boatload of empathy. I came out of the Gym with 65,000 more words written than I went in with. You want that kind of result and are willing to put in the work? Make a Date with Annalisa, and let her help you fly from your current volcanic peak to the next natural wonder you have hiding in your head.” -Janiel Miller

“I was having some doubts about how my second book was going to grab an audience. Working with Annalisa, she gave me a lot of valuable and positive feedback, which gave me a lot of incentive to go forward. This was instrumental in presenting myself to publishers, especially where Annalisa helped me sharpen up my pitch.” - Terry Harkin (Read more about Terry’s Success Working With Annalisa)

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