A Writer’s Worst Enemy (It’s Not What You Think)

Hey there writers and muse daters,

I’m here today to talk about a writer’s worst enemy, and I can promise you it’s not what you think.

Lots of writers talk to me about writer’s block. They’re not sure what to write, they’re stuck. They don’t know where to go. They don’t know what to say next. They don’t know what their next chapter should be.

I think I’ve pretty much heard it all but we put that all under the umbrella of writer’s block. Most people get stuck and they don’t really know why, and I’m here to talk about how you get stuck in writer’s block.

Well you’re not going to believe it, but what gets in the way is your own brain.

Many of you know that most of the work that I do over in the Writing Gym is based on my study of neuroscience, how the brain learns and creates and the thing is this: your mind will tell you anything to keep you in the comfort zone.

I repeat, your mind will tell you anything to keep you in the comfort zone.

So what that means is when you sit down to write, which is a risky endeavor, you’re going to share it with the world. You’re sharing your most intimate thoughts. You’re sharing a story whether it’s your own personal narrative, or close to your own personal narrative.

There’s risk. It’s scary. You might not get it done. You might not find the right words. You might get stuck. You might get distracted.

There’s lots of scare factors and your mind wants to keep you safe. It wants to keep you comfortable.

So it sends you these messages that say things like “you can’t do this,” “this is okay, but you could do this so much better” and all of these are lies that come from our brain to keep us comfortable.

I’ll say it again: your mind will tell you anything to keep you in the comfort zone.

If you want to be a successful writer, you need to get out of that negative feedback loop and get into the right relationship with your inner critic.

So that the writing can flow.
So that you write with confidence.
So that you can circumvent some of that negative feedback and really know what your strengths are.

As a writer, I have confidence that is based on real facts, not just an empty praise like “good job.” That’s not real confidence.

If you’re ready to break out of that loop, if you’ve had it with writer’s block, being stuck, letting your mind take control of your writing future. I’ve opened up some time in the next week or so to chat with writers who are serious about becoming their best writer. About finally finishing that novel to get over the fear, and to get the writing done

If that sounds like you and you’re serious about finishing your novel this year, I’d love to chat. You can get on a call and talk about where you are, where you’d like to be and how you can get there. Until next time. Happy writing.

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