Are Agents still Open to Queries during COVID-19?

I have been hearing a lot of this same question in our Facebook group Write to Publish and Sell Your Novel

“Are agents still interested in accepting submissions and queries during this global pandemic?” 

And the answer is absolutely yes. Many of us are quarantines, spending so much time at home, lounging in the living room. Well, guess what? So are the agents. 

Like many of us, they are cozying up in their pajamas and they finally have the time to read. They’re not going out to lunch. They’re not going into the office. They’re not doing many of the things that we took for granted only weeks ago and were doing everyday. 

What does this mean? This means that they’ve got more time to look at those submissions and spending a bit more time reading them–according to the conversation that I’ve been having with some agents. 

Now, they’re still busy. They’re still negotiating rights domestically and internationally. They’re just not flying over to London to do it. They’re doing it over Zoom, like many of us at this day and age. So, yes, they’re still busy and certainly need your respect. 

But now is a great time to be submitting your manuscript for traditional publication.

What always happens over at the Writing Gym are conversations with literary agents and publishers. We’ve been able to get manuscripts on to the desks of the right people and they’ve been taking them in and it has just been wonderful. 

And I’ve seen probably a dozen deals happen with agents that I know just last week.

So yes, agents are absolutely taking manuscripts–and they want good manuscripts. They don’t want something that you just threw together during some National Novel Writing Month; they want real quality manuscripts. 

For those of you who are interested in publishing a novel–a fiction manuscript–in English and in the American market, as soon as possible click here. Put yourself right into my calendar and we can discuss where you are, where you’d like to go, and how you can get there. 

Now is the time to get your publishing journey started and we are here to help make that happen. 

Until next time. Happy writing. 

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