Are you looking to join the MAJOR LEAGUES of the PUBLISHING WORLD?

Today we are talking about finding the quality support to get published. There are a lot of mistakes that I see people make all the time in Write to Publish, in other groups on Facebook, and in the writing world in general. If you make these mistakes you’re gonna have a heck of a time getting published, never mind selling your book once you are published.

Me and my team over at the Writing Gym programs want to come from a place of service to you all. We want to get you all to a place where you’re able to achieve your publishing dreams. So, how have we helped writers stop making the same mistakes over and over?

First, we offer quality support.

This support includes giving feedback. Some of you have talked about peer-to-peer feedback but if you are looking to publish and sell books under major leagues of the writing world you need the right kind of feedback. If I wanted to play basketball, it won’t do to to have my neighbor’s kid teach me how to slam dunk; this isn’t going to get me into the NBA or the WNBA or wherever I want to go. If I really want to learn basketball I got to learn from someone who knows all the tricks really well. 

Yet writers who want to be in the major leagues of the publishing world go to their neighbor or go to the librarian or something like that. They are not going to give you the kind of feedback that you really need to get to the big leagues.

In other words: drop those peer-to-peer feedback, the free writing groups, the beta readers because those are not really helping you. The bottom line: if you want the kind of support that’s going to get you to where you need to go you need to hire a professional. 

Those who try otherwise end up frustrated and waste years of their lives from getting the wrong kind of feedback. They want to keep working, to keep trying to get published, but cannot go anywhere unless they find the right kind of feedback. You need to go with somebody qualified. Yes, it will cost money but it is worth investing in if you are really dedicated in pursuing your publishing dreams. 

We at the Writing Gym have been working with writers–training them, getting them published–for a really long time. We have seen the many things that can kill their chances of getting published, of selling books, of reaching readers. A lot of writers may think that they’re on the right track and are making a smart decision, but really they’re not. It won’t catch up with them for months and maybe even years. Then one day they’ll realize they’re behind and end up frustrated, trying the same kinds of things over and over again but not getting better results. 

What we do in the Writing Gym is help clients do better than they’ve ever done before. We see writers from the VIP membership program finishing novels and moving on to the Publishing Mastermind where they find agents from publishing houses. 

Second, you must realize that publishing is a business.

Many of you have heard this fact and still refuse to participate, instead of going on the self-publishing route. Some of these authors find out really quickly that publishing requires you to sell books. It sounds obvious but many writers don’t want to accept that publishing is a business in this way. If you want people to read your book then it needs to get into their hands. How is it gonna get into their hands? You can give it away for free and you can lose money or (if) you can sell it and make a small profit.

But, at any rate, you’ve got to get that book out there in order to get your message into the world–which is presumably why you wanted to write a book. You had a story to tell.

The bottom line: if you want to sell books you need to acknowledge that writing publishing is a business and that you need to treat it as a business if you want to be successful.

We know that we’re treating something as a business when we’re ready to invest in ourselves and we’re ready to invest in our progress. If we’re not at that point, then we’re not going to reach our readers and our goals. At the end of the day, investing in yourself, investing in the resources, investing in a professional is going to help you to it reach your viewers whether you want to self-publish or traditionally publish.

At the end of the day it’s about having the very best product with a great marketing plan and platform so that your readers are interested in hearing your message and buying your book.

Those are hopefully some helpful tips we over in the Writing Gym VIP program. We have helped our writers to finish and publish novels every single day. We’d love to talk to you if you’re serious about getting published and if you’ve got questions about your individual situation and what you can do about that. Click this link to book a free appointment. 

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