The Writing Gym VIP Membership helps authors to finish a full draft in 8 weeks–and not just any draft, a draft that’s written to current craft and marketing standards. Here are some of our success stories.


Find the right book editor What I appreciated was Annalisa’s approach to editing and her commitment to be sure that my voice came through, above all else. She worked very quickly and met our agreed-upon deadline. She was also committed to my satisfaction before receiving final payment for her work.

Through our initial conversation about my book and my desires, Annalisa gained a solid understanding of who I was and what I was trying to express through my book. Her editing suggestions were respectful of this and allowed me to choose what felt right to me. She followed up with emails and offered a wrap-up conversation to ensure my satisfaction, which honestly, I did not need to have because I was completely satisfied with her work.

Barb Klein, Author, 111 Invitations (edited by Annalisa Parent)



.Find the right book editor self publishingI am so impressed with her knowledge as a writer and teacher. She’s so easy to work with and her goal is to make you shine and make you a better writer. She respected my story, but helped me reword some sentences for my voice to be heard.

Barb Gremillion, Author, The Path to Unexpected Gifts 



Annalisa took a largely unreadable document and made it lively and concise! Annalisa was very easy to work with! She completed work on time and brought alot of expertise to the table. Annalisa listens to her customers to ensure the appropriate voice is maintained.

Julie Cole, Sr. Community Benefits Strategist–Community Health Improvement The University of Vermont Medical Center

Corporate Report Writer Community Health Needs Assessment

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