Fundamentals of Storytelling

The #1 complaint from literary agent about the manuscripts they reject is that the storytelling isn’t sound–the pacing is too slow, or even entire pieces are missing. You don’t want to be that writer who’s rejected for leaving out the missing pieces you didn’t even know you were supposed to have.

Story is made out of series of events. The sequence of all the events is called a plot. But what order should those events come in? How can you be sure that your story is a compelling, page turner?

Many manuscripts are rejected because of an underdeveloped plot. You don’t want your manuscript hanging out in the slush pile, feeling the disappointment and ache of more rejected potential, and wondering why, oh why, do my stories keep getting rejected?

No. You want the best chance for a slam dunk, publication contract.

In this onDemand online workshop, author and television producer Annalisa Parent walks you through the fundamentals of story structure to help you see the checkpoints along the way.

You will cover the basics of a sound plot arc, using your own personal narrative as your guideposts, to move you closer to the kind of understanding of storytelling structure literary agents and publishing houses are looking for. 

This class is for creative writers (both aspiring and established), and everyone who wants a deeper understanding of what makes a great story so captivating. You’ll leave this class armed with a tried-and-true framework for writing your own fictional short story, and inspired to put pen to paper.

Optional add-ons of a question and answer session (to apply the knowledge in the modules to your actual manuscript) and a five-page reading from nationally-acclaimed writing coach Annalisa Parent with enhance the workshop experience.

Access your course anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone. Handouts and tutorials included, plus several hours of bonus materials on your next steps to publication.

$97 covers all course materials, handouts PLUS Bonus opportunities. You can also sign up for an optional 1-1 session with Writing Coach Annalisa Parent.


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