Do you want LIFE-CHANGING feedback on your writing?

I’ve talked to some of you about peer-to-peer feedback while some of you have also asked me about beta readers. I wanted to talk about what we do over in the Writing Gym and why we believe what we believe. 

Feedback is something that I wrote a lot about in my book “Storytelling for Pantsers,” including peer-to- peer feedback and beta readers and why those are not the best way to get feedback. When I say this, people kind of look at me like “what do you mean?” because the thing is so many writers use that technique.

These writers end up giving up and not finish their manuscript; they get confused because they get lots of different types of feedback. 

When writers get the wrong kind of feedback when they’re going to that peer-to-peer or that beta reader model they oftentimes will give up their manuscript. People have been kicked out of writing groups, left writing groups, been insulted, been stopped–you wouldn’t believe the stories that I’ve heard about frustration and uncertainty. Mostly what people end up getting in that peer-to-peer or beta reader feedback is just too many ideas at the same time.

One reader says “Well, I think you should do this” and then another person says “No, you should do the opposite” and then there’s the author in the middle just confused. I bet that you have a story that’s something like that because so many writers have talked to me about that and how they feel that frustration.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There is a method of feedback that’s actually really effective and helps you to grow as a writer and to be in flow with your. A lot of writers say that this is life-changing. You may have heard or seen in some of the videos about the writing salons that we do over in the Writing Gym.

These salons are based on the neuroscientific research that I did during my tenure as a teacher.

As a professor, I did some work over at MIT’s brain imaging lab and some work on Harvard’s campus. All that is to say that you know the work that I’ve done optimizes your brains function. That’s really what we do in the writing salon. You will get quality feedback and it can be optimized to the way that your brain is meant to work. 

People have said that their confidence is boosted, that they felt like a real writer after they attended a salon. There have been many incidents where people write non-stop for days. I had one person come to one of these writing salons and wrote the entire weekend. She has since published five books. The writing salon is really, really powerful and I hope that you can join us there. 

To find out where you are, where you’d like to go, and how you can get there put yourself on my calendar:

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