Don’t Waste Any More Time. Finish That Book Today.

Hey there writers and muse daters. I am super excited to be here today with Steve Cummins, a member of the Writing Gym. 

He has just completed the VIP Program where writers finish their novels, and I’m really excited to share so many of his amazing celebrations with all of you today.

Steve is working on a fantasy novel that is in a medieval setting that is not plot-driven. It’s more character-driven and touches on themes of sexual inequality and racial inequality, which is very relevant today. 

He began his journey with this book when he was 22, and he’s 48 now. He couldn’t sit long enough to write, and the novel sat neglected for a good decade before he picked it up again in his 30s. 

He got halfway through and set it aside for 5 more years. Until he and I started talking.

Steve is obviously very passionate about his novel, but why did it take him so long to finish his novel?

Time and fear. 

He got frustrated with that kind of experience that he was having. Spending hours trying to reacquaint himself with the characters, and trying to remember what the characters were doing in a particular section but then only getting 45 minutes of writing done.

 Setting aside time is hard, folks. You’ve got a lot more free time in your 20s and then you start to make bigger commitments as you move into your late 20s and 30s. And so, by the time we get to a certain age, we’ve got a lot of commitments.

Despite all his commitments, Steve found the time to write—which is a huge celebration. I want to commend him on that. How did he find the time? 

His personal life got so busy, and his friends he’d talked to about this novel were like, ”Please, you’re never going to finish.” And his parents knew that he had dreams of being an author but, they’re probably thinking, “Okay, we’re going to die without seeing that happen.”


So, he just had to do it. In terms of finding the time to write, he just told himself, “I’m going to do mornings all the time,” especially because his brain is clear in the mornings.



What he found was that he’s not getting that hour every morning like he thought he was, so if he only got a half hour this morning, he found 45 minutes in the evening to work on it later when he had time. He gave himself a weekly goal, and if he missed a day then that hour just carried over to the next day. 

What Steve utilized was the power of decision. We are always going to have moments where this and that’s happening. I mean, we’re in a pandemic. It is a unique time.

Something will always be happening like recessions, natural disasters, and other things in life that are beyond our control. Taking that power back for ourselves and making that decision, and standing with that power is really so important.



I asked Steve, “what are some of your experiences in some of the celebrations that you have, things that you were able to see or face that you hadn’t ever thought of before?”

He said that there is a theme with the mindset and it’s both relinquishing control and, thereby, taking control. There are circumstances and your best-laid plans don’t go quite the way you want it to go, because life gets in the way. 

Instead of letting that be what defeats him, he tries to recognize the parts that can’t be controlled and remember that it’s okay. 

“Instead I focus on, how am I going to respond? What am I going to do? I think about it, and then I move on and begin focusing on what I’m going to do in the present.”  

“It’s about getting rid of the resentment for the things that happened outside of my control, and just focusing on what I can control for my next steps.” Such an amazing philosophy.

Through joining the Writing Gym, Steve rediscovered the fun of writing, and also realized that his dream of writing a book was not just some dream he gave up on 15 years ago, but a dream he could actually fulfill.

But what else did Steve get out of the Writing Gym? He got a community and personalized help he needed to fully commit to writing his novel.

Writing is a solitary endeavor, but as an extrovert, Steve had a hard time on his writing journey alone. Through the Writing Gym Facebook page, he was able to see all the different celebrations on the page and feel a sense of camaraderie with his fellow writers.

Steve also had a great time with our Writing Gym coaches, Gretchen and Jill, which allowed him to share his thoughts and ideas to other people and get personalized comments on his writing, while also creating room to build his creativity.

Steve loves the Writing Gym and would recommend joining as a solution to any writers out there who feel stuck. 

Why is the Writing Gym so helpful?


  1. Creates commitment to make the time to write, instead of using the excuse of “I don’t have enough time”
  2. The neuroscience used behind the writing process helps writers remove fear from their writing and embrace creativity
  3. Weekly writing sessions that focus on building creativity, and receiving personalized help on whatever he’s working on.
  4. A sense of community


All these reasons help Writing Gym members speed up the writing process, to get you to publishable fast. 

Steve has really grown so much as a writer during his time in the Writing Gym, and I can’t wait to continue working with him and help realize his dreams of becoming a published author. 

Don’t put your writing dreams on hold. Let’s work together to get to publishable. If you’re interested, let’s chat. I’m happy to help. 

Until next time, happy writing.


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