Finding Time to Write

Finding time to write can be such a challenge. It happens every week that somebody writes to me about having this great concept for a novel but they haven’t been able to write anything because they just can’t find time. It’s true we’re so busy in our lives with kids and jobs that it’s hard to find that time to get down and put out our thoughts on paper.  I totally sympathize with those of you who are struggling to find that time. 

We all want to publish but the problem for all of us is we don’t have a book yet, because we can’t find the time to write. This is really the frustration that some writers face. So today, I want to talk to you about how you can find that time and why it’s so important.

One of the things that really helps with finding time for writing is to have a certain degree of accountability. One of the things that happens in the Writing Gym that’s really magical is that you have that accountability. We have a personal trainer in the writing who is both gentle but also pushes you to be successful when you need that push. She can make you feel challenged without being overly challenged. 

Another thing that’s really interesting that I’ve found with the writers that I work with is around audience. We talked a lot about audience when we talk about writing, because we want to be really clear on who our audience is. Knowing this fact is going to impact the tone that we use in our writing. 

The other thing that audience does for us is that it helps us, moves us along, and gives us time. Let me explain. When you have an audience for your writing then you’re inspired to make time to make it happen. In the Writing Gym, for example, we share writing with each other. Now if you know that somebody is waiting for your writing you’re much more inspired to write. When we have that audience piece in place it really inspires us to get the writing done.

Another thing that really helps us to find time to write is knowing what strategies make you really excited to come back to your writing. We can find a way that we can sit down in that chair again with inspiration so we’re not procrastinating. If we’re gonna be really honest with ourselves procrastination is what gets in the way of finding that time to write. We may have work to do or other things but if you’re anything like me cleaning the kitchen counter can seem really important when there’s a chapter to be finished.

So, having that inspiration is really important.

We provide real key strategies that we go over in the Writing Gym to really help you come back to your writing seat with that inspiration so that you’re not procrastinating.  You won’t have anything to publish if you don’t put aside the time to write. So knowing these tricks and strategies for getting yourself into a place of inspiration is super important.

I hope these were really helpful for you.  I would love to talk with you more about what your situation is–how you’re working through your writing right now, what your potential struggles are around finding time, and about some of the things that we do in the Writing Gym to get people published.

I’d love to hop on a call with you so we can talk about making time for writing and discuss how you can become a published author.  I meet with agents and best-selling authors every single week to get the top tips that are current in the industry. We’re talking about what’s happening right now in New York City to get you published.

Sign up for a time and let’s talk about your writing. Happy writing.

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