Five Fast Facts About the Writing Gym

Have you ever considered joining a writing program, but you’re not sure what it’s really like?

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the things that happen in our program, the Writing Gym:

      1. One of the first writers to publish through the Writing Gym now offers retreats based on her book of inspirational poems.
      2. Writing Gym members get access to frequent guest sessions with NYT bestselling authors, top editors, and literary agents.
      3. We’ve had members from the US, India, Australia, and England.
      4. Each May, our writers attend a writing-intensive retreat to a manor house on the coast of England. This year we had an amazing virtual retreat!
      5. One of our writers has received two full manuscript requests from two of the top agencies, including an undisclosed Hollywood opportunity. 

Here’s what some of our writers have to say about the Writing Gym:


“The Writing Gym provides authors with knowledgeable, insider industry information, knowledgeable feedback and a true understanding of how the writing process works so that you can be your best writer.”


“Having a group of people to work with, sometimes feels like a competition. Like, ‘How many people got the most rejection letters today?’ We joke about these things and it helps to take the sting out of our own personal rejections.”

“Especially because you know your fellow Writing Gym members are so talented, so it really helps to know you’re going through the same things as other very good writers.”


“[The Writing Gym] made me believe that I could be a novelist, and actually complete a book which I hadn’t done in the past.” 

Our writers love the Writing Gym and have found great success. Will you be next?

If you’re serious about publishing in 2020, let’s chat. Drop yourself into our calendar here to talk to a member of our team and learn more about our program. 

Until next time. Happy writing.

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