Fourth of July: To Be Of Service

Happy Fourth of July to those of you in the United States! 

As a member of the Rotary International organization, we hand out flags to all participants here at the local Independence Day parade. We do this to build community, and also to be of service to people.  

I got to thinking about our slogan, “Service Above Self,” on my way to this parade. Handing out flags to participants is such a small gesture, but it can make a huge difference.

And this slogan of being of service to others is something I truly believe in, and applies to many facets of my life. 

Service infiltrates every part of my life, including my business. Being of service to you is really important to me. I frequently share posts and writing tips on to Write to Publish and my other pages. All of these are to help you get your story out.

My mission, after all, is to help as many writers as possible to tell their stories and to do it well. 

That is my act of service, all day everyday, and I get to do it as a business. 

Happy Fourth! Celebrate well, celebrate safely. Happy writing!

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