Get your book published… ALL over the world 

Terence Harkin–Terri–is a friend of mine who is a great example of not only is it possible to get your book published in the American market but also in multiple places AND get a three-book deal.

Terri wrote his latest book, The Big Buddha Bicycle Race, before we met. We met each other at the Writer’s Digest in New York City and he shares his experiences with us. 

“I met Annalisa at a time when this book was out and I was getting a second book ready,” Terri continues, “I was still having some doubts about how it was gonna grab an audience. Annalisa had read the first chapter and she gave me a lot of valuable and positive feedback. It’s just given me a lot of incentive to go forward.” 

We are so glad to hear that we at the Writing Gym were able to help Terri with his publishing journey. 

His happy-ever-after is this three-book deal that he’s got for this series, which is really amazing. A year and a half ago we were in New York and now he’s got an Asian publisher in Chiang Mai, Thailand who will be doing the Asian release of a book that’s set in Asia. Ohio University Press is going to do the American release. Moreover, they’re also trying to get some French publishers interested. 

The future is bright. 

Terri is a wonderful example about how not only is it possible to publish your book in the American market, but to publish in multiple places and to get multi-book deals.

Thank you Terri for your inspiration. 

Happy Writing. 

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