How do You Find a TRULY Professional Editor for Your Work?

Many writers come to me and ask about what to do with their finished  manuscripts, where should they go next, and what happens. A lot of writers already know that they have to get a professional to look at their manuscripts before they send it to a publisher. If you didn’t know that until now, this is your sign. 

You need to find a professional to look over your manuscripts because publishers don’t want sloppy writing. But how do you find a professional that you can trust and can give you the kind of results that you need?

The right professional to look at your manuscript before submission: 

  • Knows the difference between a copy-edited and content-edited revision and the right time to do each one of these. Some writers do not even know these differences and leave it up to the professional to know them. You have to make sure that the professional you are working with is a quality editor. 
  • Is qualified to edit. This does not mean that a published writer can look over your writing and know exactly what to do. Writers do not equal editors. Don’t let this logical fallacy  tempt you into asking other writers to edit your manuscript. Someone who I have been working with at the Writing Gym is also working with a thirty-eight-time published author. You would think that this writer would have published by now. Yet she hasn’t. 
  • Has high success rates. Great acting coaches have high success rates in getting their clients into stardom. Similar to writing, great editors bring writers to success. When you;re looking for an editor, you want to ask them “How many authors have you gotten published?” In Write to Publish, you have seen me, my movies, my television shows, my books, client testimonials, and more. I have a full client list of published people. This is how you spot a professional–when you see their success rates. 

How serious are you about actually publishing versus playing around with someone who might be able to help you? If you are really serious about publishing, let’s talk

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