How Do You Know if Your Pitch is Any Good? Get Feedback From a Real Literary Agent 

Hey there writers and muse daters. Annalisa Parent from the Writing Gym coming at you.

So, many of you know that I speak to lots and lots of writers all over the world. And one of the things that writers talk about is not knowing why their novel was rejected. ”Why me? Why did this happen to me?”

The problem is that a lot of the feedback that you get when you hear back from an agent is cookie-cutter. It’s the same letter from every single agent. “Not for me. Thanks, but don’t worry. My opinion is subjective.”

Those are pretty frequently-seen terms that you’ll see in a rejection letter from an agent. So, how do you know which part of your submission is the part that’s not working?

Is it the actual manuscript? Is it your query? Is it your synopsis? Is it something else? Well, there’s no real way to know until now.

What we’ve been doing over in the Writing Gym, since our in-person retreats have been postponed due to the Coronavirus, is we’ve been doing these amazing online experiences and we do a three-day retreat.

We got together on Zoom, and the online experience was as intimate, as fun and amazing as our in-person experiences have been (minus the amazing food that we usually have when we’re at manor houses).


There are opportunities for you to meet with agents in person, and to pitch your idea. Not only could you potentially get representation from her, but more importantly you could get feedback on that pitch.

Imagine getting that kind of personalized feedback from someone who’s an actual literary agent in the field. That’s one of the many perks that we’ve got. 


Well, we’ve got writing salons. We’ve got craft intensives. We’ve gotten New York Times Bestselling Author Kel Kade to speak with us about how she got published, how she got a 6-figure advance, and what it’s like to work with a publishing house.

Writing Gym Members and Writing Gym Alumni are prioritized for registration, and if slots are left, we will open it up to the general public. Be on the lookout for our next retreat! If you’re interested in becoming a Writing Gym member, let’s chat.

In the meanwhile, check out our upcoming events here

But  if you can’t wait any longer and you’re itching to write, enrollment is currently open for salon!

What is salon? Salon is a group writing experience that gives feedback based on neuroscience and designed to optimize your creativity. It is a powerful brain-based experience for writers at all levels in all genres. To sign up for the October 20, 2020 salon, click here.

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