How Should You Structure Your Writing?

I was working with two different writers on their two different projects. We worked a lot on how to structure their writing and talked about what are the different structures that you can come up with–whether you like to outline or you don’t. 

Structure is important. Of course it is. We need to have a way to structure our writing and something to hang our writing hat on. Otherwise, we get lost even when we’re the writers. But how do you do structure writing? This is a problem that many writers have.

Let me tell you something–some people are not outliners but pantsers. What does that mean? It means that they write and write and write and then later they come back and add structure to what it is they’ve written. Personally, I like to write several drafts and then come back later and impose some kind of structure on the writing.

To some people that is terrifying. These people are outliners. They like to have a structure in place beforehand and plug in their writing to that place. The two writers that I was working with wanted some kind of structure. They came to me with ideas and we created that structure together so they can then go and do their writing. 

The important lesson: know what your style is. Are you a person who needs structure? Then by all means, create that structure for yourself and work with that. Or are you a person who likes to write first to get all your ideas out and then impose structure later on? By all means, I’m giving you permission right now to be that writer. You don’t have to be something that you’re not. You should enforce your creativity into one box or another because that will not help your creativity flow naturally. 

There are different kinds of structures out there. It’s fine to be that writer that you are. And if you need help with structure, you can always call on me.

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