How To Fast Track To Publishing With The Writing Gym

This week I received Mary’s manuscript in the mail today and I’m so excited to take a look over it. Let’s take a moment to congratulate Mary. 

She has written so many pages with us here in the Writing Gym. She got a lot of work done there and has entered the next stage of the process, by joining the Publishing Mastermind.

People ask me all the time. You know, “how is it that you work with authors?” “What is it that you do?” Once someone joins the Publishing Mastermind, I begin to lay down the foundations for you to become a published author.

For example, Mary is about to enter the Publishing Mastermind’s reading period. During the reading period, what I’m going to do is read her entire manuscript, not once, not twice, but many times. I’ll be reading her manuscript and of course, help Mary tell the very best story she can while maintaining her voice and integrity as an author. But I’ll also be looking at her manuscript from an industry perspective. 


What exactly does the industry perspective entail? Well it includes what types of books are selling now, and what kinds of conversations I’m having with publishing house editors, acquisitions editors, and agents. 

I’ll pick up the phone and I start calling agents who I know are interested in this kind of thing.

Let’s use Mary’s work as an example, as I happen to know it’s a work of historical fiction set during World War 2. So I’m going to start calling agents who I know are interested in historical fiction and say “Hey, I’ve got this manuscript set in World War 2. Here are some things that Mary’s doing. What are your thoughts on that? What are you seeing in terms of what is being acquired right now, and how can we position this?”


What normally happens out of those conversations is that those agents are then really interested in that novel once we’re finished revising it. So we kind of set up this system where Mary will get to the front of the line with her manuscript because of the conversations and the    foundation that I’m laying for her.

Then once I finish reading the manuscript,  I’m going to work with Mary in the revision phase, and finally, we’ll go ahead and pitch it to the industry.

Mary has gotten the attention of an agent, and has gotten to the front of the line because of the conversations I’ve been having with industry professionals on her behalf. 

There’s no shortcut to publishing, but there is an accelerated way. And that’s what we do over in the Writing Gym: getting you the connections based on a quality manuscript that publishing houses and literary agents are looking for.


You want to accelerate your progress,

you’re tired of getting rejection letters from agents.

You’re not sure if it’s your query, your manuscript or synopsis, whatever.

You’re ready to do something that works


If that sounds like you I’d love to chat with you.

I’ve made some time in my schedule next week to chat with writers who are serious about getting traditionally published. Let’s chat.

Until next time. Happy writing.

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