How to Finally Finish Writing Your Novel 

Steve Cummins always dreamed of writing a novel. He began his writing journey at the age of 22. But, like many writers, Steve found that he just couldn’t finish a manuscript. 

Life got in the way. Before he knew it, over twenty years had passed, but he still had not completed his novel. 

As he looked over his pages, about a decade later, Steve felt frustrated with how long it was taking him to finish his novel. His friends and family all thought that he was never going to publish anything. Though his parents knew that he had dreams of being an author, they told Steve that they would die before seeing him fulfill his dream. 

Hearing his parents’ words added extra pressure on Steve to finish his novel. He tried, once again, to set aside time in his life to dedicate to his writing. He even sought out an editor to help him with his work. 

All his efforts still weren’t enough. 

After the many years he’s spent trying–and failing–to finish his book, he began to dread writing the story he had once loved so much. 

As he woke up every day with no will to write, his confidence continued to drop until he had to accept that perhaps publishing a book in this lifetime was impossible after all. 

Then I met Steve at a publishing class I taught at a Colorado library. He got on a call with me and shared his journey up until this point: his frustrations, sense of loss, and ultimate fear that he would never get this novel written. 

After hearing Steve’s story and his heartbreak over not being able to live his author dream, I invited Steve to join the Writing Gym and he accepted my invitation.

At the Writing Gym, Steve immediately began to experience massive progress on the same novel he had struggled to finish for two decades. Having fallen in love with writing again, Steve finally started to commit to his novel. 

The Writing Gym gave Steve the right kind of support, allowing him to develop accountability toward his writing and giving him new sources of inspiration. We helped Steve establish a set routine that allowed his writing to progress steadily. Steve churned out page after page as he felt his confidence grow and creativity flow.

Besides setting–and meeting–his personal writing goals, Steve also found a new supportive writing community.  

As an extrovert, writing had been a lonely endeavor for him. At the Writing Gym, he found a supportive community of like-minded writers to share highs and lows along his writing journey. 

A lot of writers who go through the Writing Gym come to a point where they realize, ‘Actually, maybe there’s my little Achilles heel.’ and we can all be honest about that and say, ‘We’ve all got them.’

Now, Steve has completely written his novel. After spinning his wheels for two decades, he was able to receive the support and guidance to achieve his writing goals in two months. 

If it weren’t for the Writing Gym, Steve said it would’ve taken him eight years–instead of eight weeks–to complete his novel.

The biggest change is rediscovering the fun of writing, along with believing that ‘yes, I can finish a novel.’ That it’s not just some dream I gave up on years ago.The Writing Gym has helped me to believe that finishing a novel is a dream I can actually realize. It’s just truly so exciting.

If you have been spinning your wheels on how to finish a novel and you are finally ready to take your writing dream seriously, the Writing Gym may be the right place for you. I’ve opened time in my calendar this week to talk with you about where you are, where you’d like to go, and how you can get there. 

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