Annalisa Parent Summea Published Authors
Annalisa Parent Summea Published Authors
Annalisa Parent Summea Published Authors
Annalisa Parent Summea Published Authors
Annalisa Parent Summea Published Authors
Annalisa Parent Summea Published Authors
Annalisa Parent Summea Published Authors
Annalisa Parent Summea Published Authors
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How to Gain Purpose and Clarity in Your Writing 


I met Sonee after she finished a draft of her first novel, a contemporary women’s fiction novel about a woman who receives visions. At first, she was only trying to see if she had it in her to write something. Before she knew it she completed her first novel. Yet, the work was far from over. 

During our first meeting, Sonee spoke to me about the sort of obstacles she faced during her revision phase. She was going back and forth in her writing, trying to fix what she had already created, but she always felt like something was missing. Her story was not where she wanted it to be. 

Even writing courses didn’t help Sonee to gain the clarity she needed. She knew she had the capacity to understand how to properly write a novel, but she didn’t know how to apply the concepts presented to her story. On top of that, she was writing inconsistently. Her whole writing life felt haphazard.

Sonee needed a push in the right direction. 

Sonee got on a call with me and I invited her to the Writing Gym.

For Sonee, the support that the Writing Gym provided was immediate. There is a set schedule for meeting with me one-on-one multiple times a week and–most importantly–we discussed the application of The Writing Gym’s craft principles to her actual story. Sonee’s progress accelerated and she thrived in a supportive group of writers who share a passion for writing

Sonee’s experience with the Writing Gym has been so different from her experiences in writing courses or workshops

We learn how to be better writers. We all support each other in the journey and learn from each other. But I think one of the biggest differentiators between the Writing Gym and other programs is that it talks about what’s happening to us writers on an emotional level. There is an open conversation of: what are you doing to support yourself as a writer? Talking about vulnerability and fear are all part of the program and everyone shares in it. 

What has Sonee accomplished since joining the Writing Gym? She’s gone from “writing off the cuff and semi-understanding her characters” to becoming more consistent in her writing and really getting to know her characters in depth. She now considers who they are, what their journey is, and how they’re growing. She can also now see running themes in her book that she’s never noticed before, as well as self-identify gaps that need to be filled in her writing.

At the Writing Gym, there is an ongoing process, an ongoing community, and an ongoing support group because it’s not just about work with Annalisa. It’s also about learning who you are as an author, what your voice is, how your writing is coming together, and getting over the fear and uncertainty that you have. These are things you don’t get anywhere else, at least not in the way the Writing Gym does. It is a multifaceted process. It’s not just editing and it’s not just coaching.

But it’s not only Sonee’s growth as a writer; she’s also grown in her publication and can now call herself an award-winning author.

She has landed a two-book deal with Make Magic Happen Press. Besides earning a 4-star review, and later a Silver Award, from the Literary Titan, Embody is also an award finalist by Feathered Quill Books. Most recently, Embody received a First Place award from The BookFest. 

If you are looking for guidance that is personalized, looking for one-on-one attention, to learning more about the craft of writing, and to have a community that is supportive, open, and welcoming, absolutely get on that call. Learn more about what the Writing Gym is.

If you are struggling to finish a novel or need industry guidance to accomplish your publishing goals, you may be the right fit for the Writing Gym. Book yourself into my calendar here and we can talk about where you are, where you’d like to go, and how you can get there.

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