Author Spotlight: Jim Hoffman


When Jim first came to me, he had a concept for a book that had been on his heart for while.

The trouble was: he wasn’t sure if it was a novel, memoir, or non-fiction.

Jim and I sorted through his ideas, settled on a topic, and outlined the project. I worked with Jim on honing his research and organizing his ideas. 

The biggest challenge was Jim was writing about a timely topic that he wanted to get into the world quickly. And quickly he did.

With the help of the writing Gym, Jim’s book was publishing-ready. 

In less than 12 months from completing his writing and revision work in the Writing Gym, Jim’s book was traditionally published, and he had his book in-hand. 

See some of Jim’s celebrations of his work in the Writing Gym below. 


Do you have an idea you’re ready to develop? Are you dreaming of getting published? Book a call today, and let’s discuss where you are and where you’d like to be in your writing journey.




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