Making Time for Reflection

Making Time for Reflection

Making Time for Reflection


As I was walking through the Vermont woods on a beautiful sunny but cold day, I thought about the writing process. Some of you know I’m in the process of writing two books at the moment, and one is due back to my editor on Monday, so we’re wrapping up that draft.

I could have stayed at home and worked on that draft, because I’ve certainly got work to do, but as I walked through the woods, I thought about the importance of taking time to reflect. It’s important to set aside time for inspiration, take time to let your brain relax a little bit, give it space to reflect, and get inspiration. 

It’s amazing the ideas that come to you while you’re walking.

You don’t have to walk out in the woods; you can walk in your neighborhood, or around a track at your local college.

What matters is getting out, doing something different, and allowing your story to run in the background, to give it some time to marinate while you’re ruminating. 

It’s really important to the creative process to take time off from your book and not worry about it. Instead of thinking, “Am I ever gonna get published?” “Am I ever gonna finish it?” “Am I ever gonna do it?” give your brain a break and take some time off.

I hope you are finding inspiration, and ways to find inspiration.

Happy Writing. 


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