Fiercely passionate . . .

She’s just fierce about what she does. “Fierce” isn’t the right word. She’s just fiercely passionate. And she loves you. You can feel it. She loves what she does. And she loves the people that she’s pulled in.


One of the main things I got out of it was just confidence. I had never really shared my novel with people outside of my family before. And by the end of it, she left me with something that I was proud of, that I was excited about and was excited to show new people, and that will hopefully be bound in a book one of these days.

Connect with the reader better

What she was able to do in the short amount of time that we worked together, is she was able to quickly look at the piece, understand my message, and craft areas in order to connect with the reader better.

The exact steps that we’re going to take

But what made Annalisa different is that she said “These are the characters. This is why it’s not working. And these are the exact steps that we’re going to take to make it work.” And that’s what make such a difference in her as a writing coach.

. . . the best I’ve ever seen

If you’re serious about writing, and you are serious about learning about your process and who you are, then find a way to make the sacrifice to get into the programs.  They are some of the best I’ve ever seen.

No-judging zone

It’s like a no-judging zone. And that’s very important. ‘Cause If you’re waiting for negativity, you’re not going to be willing to write an intimate piece that you have to share.

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