The Author Lifestyle: Fantasy vs. Reality 

Have you ever wondered–with so many struggling writers out there–how authors actually get published? 

Most people think that because they’ve been writing since they were young, it should be easy to write a book, to get it published, or to be a bestselling author. Although we all started writing in the first grade, the path to becoming an author isn’t always an easy, straightforward path. In fact, it rarely is. 

I was talking with one of the writers over at the Writing Gym about the way that the author career is perceived and how it is portrayed in many films and movies. Someone sits down in front of a typewriter or keyboard, and they quickly bang something out. Their book gets published and then they’re on a book tour, on national TV, and they’re “rolling in the dough.”

We would all love to live that fantasy but it is, in fact, only a fantasy. It happens to maybe one author in a trillion. It is the anomaly in the industry. 

So, how does becoming an author really happen? Becoming an author is a career. Even though we’ve all been writing since we were young, writing and publishing a novel that the publishing industry would be interested in is a very different endeavor.

Therefore, we have to train for authorship and authorhood as the profession that it is. This idea makes sense because, before many of you have gone to your profession of choice you needed some kind of training. 

The same is true for becoming an author. The training to become an author requires the investment of time and of resources. Most importantly, it requires finding the right kind of training, so that you can make author your career. 

In terms of programs to become an author we don’t have as much readily available information as, for example, colleges do. 

What can you look for in order to find a program that’s going to get you from where you are right now to where you want to go–to living the author lifestyle

You want to look for results. 

Does the program get you the results that you’re looking for?

Our writers from the Writing Gym have become Authors. Everyday, they post their celebrations on our facebook group Write to Publish and Sell Your Novel. They post their results, about what is happening to them as they grow into the author lifestyle.

As you scroll down the page, you will see authors who

  • have finished their novels and short stories with confidence
  • have published multiple times
  • have been featured in anthologies
  • are going on book tours and speaking to other writers about their own author journey
  • have their own book signings
  • are getting film deals
  • are signing foreign language rights for their novels and getting multinational deals. All of these things are happening. It’s phenomenal. 

The results in the Writing Gym speak for themselves. 

If these are the kind of results that you’re looking for, if this is the author lifestyle that you want to live, if you’re ready to make this investment in yourself, let’s chat about how you can get there too. You can book yourself directly into my calendar. We can spend about an hour talking about where you are, where you’d like to go, and how you can get there. 


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