The Bumpy Road to Publication… And How to Prepare for a Smoother Ride

Bonjour! Some of you may know I studied French Literature in Paris, and what a joy and an honor to be able to do so. It was really interesting to be back in Paris last year and see everything again. 

While I was back, I thought about the idea of traveling someplace else and experiencing complications along the way. Even if you’re only taking a day trip, you might get lost, lose your map, someone spill a drink in the car, and more.

  Things happen when you travel. There is always a risk.  

I also thought about the amazing writers who participated in the Writing Gym’s England Retreat. These writers travelled all the way across the United States, and then travelled all the way across the Atlantic Ocean for this retreat. That took a lot of time, investment, and courage to go to a new place and try something new. 

Travel always requires investment in yourself, to take a risk and go to the next level. So what I was wondering for those of you reading this,

Are you ready to invest in yourself and in your writing? To take that risk and to be that writer?

The writers that participated in the Writing Gym Retreat took that step. They had the courage to take that risk so that they could be successful in their writing careers. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to cross that bridge of fear and accept we’re going to take that step to be a writer. But if you are ready to be brave and to talk about your own journey, click this link

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