The Franken-novel.

What is it? It is an unfortunate phenomenon that happens to a lot of writers when they don’t invest themselves. They fall into this rabbit hole of endless google searches about writing. They implement
this tip and that tip from different sources. All of a sudden they have this novel that is here and there and piecemeal–it’s not really working. 

They think they’ve done the right thing because they’ve done the research, they read what the expert said, they were trying to implement different writing tips. But in the end, it shoots them in the foot.  

Here’s the thing: literary agents are professionals. You’re not going to fool them. They’re not going to think, “Gee, this is a great book” when they see that in chapter one you followed this tip and on chapter two followed this other tip. Literary agents work full time, all day everyday. They entered their profession because they love books. Not only that, they know the genre that they represent. They know the industry, they know the rules, inside and out–in fact, they’re the ones who usually write the articles that people read. 

If you submit a Franken-novel, literary agents will know. You’re not going to be represented and reader will not read it or buy it.  

Over in the Writing Gym, we help writers to write novels that make sense, that get represented, that get published, and get sold. If you want to take yourself seriously and actually write a cohesive, sellable novel I’d love to chat with you. 

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