The Importance of a Writing Community

Not too long ago, I was in front of a medieval mill in France where people from all over the countryside would gather. People would bring their flour to be ground, and meet many other people there.

I couldn’t help but think that mill was a place of community. As I was listening to the flowing water, I thought about the importance of community. 

In this digital age we have so few places where we really feel community, places we feel we can be ourselves and talk to people who are like-minded and will support us.

I’m really grateful for Write to Publish, because it is like this kind of community.

In this group, you see people posting about each other, being supportive, and celebrating each other’s wins, no matter big or small.  

It’s a beautiful community, but the Writing Gym is even greater, because people are working together, writing together, and getting a feel not only for what each writer is working on, but also how to give quality feedback based on neuroscience.

All of this occurs so that the writers can grow. I’ve watched these people go from being co-writers (people writing together) to family. I’ve seen them go to each other’s weddings, fly across the country to see each other, and send each other their published books.

It’s an amazing, powerful community, and I’m just I’m really grateful to be a part of it.

I’m grateful for all of the people in Write to Publish, the support that they give to each other, and even more grateful for the people in the Writing Gym, whether they’re in the VIP Program, the Publishing Mastermind, or Novel Selling U, where they are working to market and sell their novels. 

If you are ready to to feel this genuine support for your writing, join our Facebook group. If you are ready to talk about where you are, where you’d like to go, and how you can get there let’s chat

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