The Ultimate Writer’s Dream: Your Book Made into a Movie

Many of you know that I have the opportunity to speak with writers all over the world, just about every day of the week, and some of the universal desires that writers expressed to me are… well, there are a few things.

They used to say, “I want to be on Oprah.” Today, they say things like, “I want to be on Ellen,’“ or “I want to be a New York Times bestseller,” or “I want to be on so-and-so’s reading list.” But what many of them say to me is, “I really want to have my book made into a movie.”

These are dreams that are pretty universal to writers. We’d all like to get the amazing publishing contract, we’d all like to get the multi-book deal, and we’d all love to have our book made into a movie. This is a pretty common dream.

Over in the Writing Gym, we are all about having big dreams, and dreaming big dreams — and we’re all about getting results.

So, I’m super excited to share today that over in the Writing Gym, we’ve got a new module on how to get your book made into a movie!

We have Jeanne Covert, who is a professional screenwriter and also a member of the Writing Gym.

She’s got several credits on IMDb. She’s the real deal. She’s really done it. She’s really been on the Red Carpet and on set and all these Hollywood things. 

Anyway, she came in and taught the members of the Writing Gym how books actually get made into movies. What is the lens that producers are looking at movies through in order to get books actually made into movies, so that we can go from the dream–it’s a great place to start–to moving it into reality and actually living that dream. What are the steps that are going to get you there?

As you’ve heard me say, time and time again over at the Writing Gym, we’re about real results. Real results.

We want to get your book made into a movie and we want to show you how.

This is the kind of thing we’re delivering over in the Writing Gym: Real professionals, talking about real results.

So, for those of you already in the Writing Gym – congratulations! You’re on the inside track to living the author lifestyle. And if you haven’t talked with me or someone on my team about the Writing Gym and the results that we get over there, I or someone on my team would be happy to get on the phone with you to talk about where you are, where you’d like to go, and how you can get there and whether or not the Writing Gym is the right solution for you and if you’re the right fit for us.

Until next time, Happy Writing!

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