This Simple But Effective Practice Will Drastically Improve Your Writing

Hey there Writers and Muse Daters,

Have you been dealing with surges of overpowering emotion lately? Do you feel like in a single day you experience the full range of human feeling, from anger to sadness to fear to love to joy?

Many of us are experiencing new and more powerful emotions than ever before, and at times this can feel quite overwhelming, because we haven’t been taught how to deal with so many emotions at once.

But as a writer, you have an edge–writing is the perfect medium through which to release your crazy, pent up feelings. 

There’s even more good news for writers: strong emotions are actually a gift for your writing that will benefit you for years to come–as long as you don’t ignore them. 

That’s why today I want to give you a tip that I usually reserve for the writers over in the Writing Gym. These are crazy times, and I want to make sure you have all the tools you need to not only get through, but come out a better writer.

So, without further ado, here is a simple practice to capture and channel strong emotions through your writing:

  1. Strong emotions are usually felt somewhere in the body. So when feelings of fear or anger or uncertainty arise, take a moment and close your eyes, and focus on where you feel it in your body, and think about exactly how this emotion feels. 
  2. Ask yourself: Is it a sharp pain, a fluttery lightness, a dull aching, a pressing heaviness? Like the writer you are, think about what words you would use to describe what you feel. 
  3. Now open your eyes and write it all down and save it in a notebook, or a file on your computer–and be sure to label what the emotion is. 

Not only will you feel better after releasing the emotion through your body and writing, but this will pay off in your future writing projects. Maybe five years from now, you’ve got a character who’s feeling something powerful and you’ll have a bank you can return to on how to describe any given feeling. 

You’ve been given the gift of emotional authenticity to add to your writing–take advantage of it! 

I’d love to hear whether this strategy works for you. If you want to discuss more I’ve set aside time in my calendar, let’s chat

Always glad to hear from you. 

Until the next time. Happy Writing.

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