Transformation vs. Information 

Are you lost down the google rabbit hole?

I see so many writers search the internet for answers to their writing problems. 

It’s great to have the impulse to be resourceful, to be looking for answers yourself. After all, we do want to be creating top quality novels. The impulse is good, but it’s misdirected.


Writing a quality novel, getting a publishing contract, building an author career is not entirely about getting all the information. It’s about transformation

Information is useful; we need it to reach our writing goals, to finish and publish our novel, and to build that author career. But we need to know how and when to use all this information. 

“When should a character be round? When should they be flat? Is it ok that he’s dynamic?”

“Should this happen before that? Does this plot point make sense?”

You’re not going to find the answers to your questions by searching online, by reading a book about writing, or by attending a lecture or a writing workshop. 

In order to have a transformation–to take the information to transform your author career–you need quality feedback. This is the type of feedback that is customized to you: who you are as a writer, how your brain works, what your novel is about, what your intentions are for that novel, what your intentions are for building out your writing career. 

I recently had a great conversation with one of our writers in the Writing Gym. She had brought me her novel without knowing that it had three novels’ worth of content. She needed the feedback in order to see how much content she was trying to fit into one novel. Now, we’ve built out a fabulous plan to transform her novel into not just a trilogy, but into five books. 

The internet will not tell you how to write a trilogy, nor is it capable of telling you when it is necessary to break up your book into different parts. 

Cookie cutter solutions, one-size-fits-all solutions will not help you. These types of solutions tell you the same thing, no matter who you are or what kind of novel you are writing. What you need is good feedback and a customized plan. 

If you are ready to stop churning around in that information wheel and you’re ready to get that real transformation from a customized plan just for you and your writing goals, I’d love to chat with you. I’ve opened up some time in my calendar in the next week or so to chat.  

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