What Gets in the Way of Publishing? 

Today, I want to talk to you about what gets in the way of finishing that book and of publishing that book. I think that you’re gonna be surprised by what I say. There are lots of people out there who are working to finish a book, to publish a book and they think it’s going to be easy. However, what really happens is that it becomes a really complicated process.

So, one of the things that gets in the way of people publishing is… are you ready? 

Many writers want to live the author lifestyle and so they ask me a whole lot: “How can I get published?” “How do I do that” “What is the secret?” They often times they want this magic pill–that if they just do this one thing then they’re going to get their novel published. 

In the end, what happens is that they go through this cycle of submissions and they’re experiencing a lot of rejection that doesn’t feel good. So, they stop and they give up. They’re not sure what to do next. They feel frustrated. It’s a really terrible situation for people to be in. So, here’s something that they will often do: rather than finding a real solution, they fall back on writing.

Now, it sounds like a good thing that a writer should write. And of course it is. You can’t publish books if you don’t write them. However, many writers use writing as a crutch. Rather than go through that experience of being rejected, of learning how not to be rejected by having the right submission and by working with someone who as the connections to make that happen, they just go back to only writing.

The “only” is important there. They’re using that writing as a crutch because all they’re doing is writing. They’re not putting it out there into the world in order for it to happen and it feels like they’re doing something– they’re busy, they’re producing pages, there are words, things are happening. 

Now, look. Those are good. But they’re good things in isolation. The act of writing in and of itself will not get you published. Using writing as a crutch is a big problem. That is why the writers in the Writing Gym are not only writing everyday but they are also getting the right information–how to submit that manuscript so that it can actually get and many other important steps that can lead them to getting published. 

Many writers miss these important steps. They don’t have the right materials, the right connections. The that we do over in the Writing Gym gets those writers those connections, the right information, so that they can be successful and that they can publish. It’s common for writers in our Facebook group Write to Publish to get requests for full manuscripts from publishers.

Imagine what it would feel like to have the right tools, the right knowledge, and the right support to get a “yes” in less than an hour. If you’re serious about becoming an author and living the author lifestyle, and you’re ready to stop doing all those things that aren’t working and start doing the things that do work, book a call now.

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