“Why Did My Manuscript Get Rejected?”

As many of you know I speak to thousands of writers every in person and from the stage and meet with agents, editors, and publishers on a regular basis. What I hear time and time again is about rejection–why manuscripts get rejected. 

The biggest reason of all is the quality of the story-telling. Somehow there’s a disconnect, whether it’s the pacing of the story or there are some missing pieces. When I speak with agents they express their frustration with novels like these: the ones that could move forward and have the potential to be very successful but can’t because they have too many missing pieces.  

Here’s what I’ve done for you to help with this problem and to help get over that frustration–both for the agents and the publishing houses you are submitting to as well as for yourself. To move around all of this rejection is one simple course on the basics of storytelling, how to get in all of those pieces so that they are all there. You’re going to get the full instruction on all the pieces that you need in a sound story as well as handouts so that you can plug in your story into that framework. I have also put some bonus materials in there such as talks that I’ve done and other steps on how you can get your manuscript published.

Are you ready to leave the frustrations of rejection behind and move on to the success of publishing, because you’ve got all the right pieces to make this success happen? You can sign up for this class here.

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