Unfortunately, beginning writers often don’t get paid for their work. Publications will try to tell you that “it’s an opportunity” for you to have your work published with them, that they shouldn’t have to pay you.

While it’s true that you sometimes do have to publish your work for free early on in your career, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

This week, we’re sharing 3 publications paying their authors for their work–and paying them a relatively competitive rate. Each of these publications pays $0.08/word. While you won’t get rich quick through lit mag publications alone, wouldn’t you rather publish with someone who recognizes the value of your work (and earn some cash on the side)?

The themes of these publications are perfect for those of you writing about:

  • Ghosts, horror, and fantasy
  • Environmental justice
  • Science fiction and East Asia

Do note that the deadlines for all of these publications are coming up within the next two weeks. 

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Flame Tree Publishing: Terrifying Ghosts

Who they are: Flaming Tree Publishing is an award-winning global independent publisher of fiction, art, music, and lifestyle content. They have published work for the Tate Museum and The Royal Academy of Arts and have worked in association with HarperCollins. Their imprint Flame Tree Press publishes novels and anthologies in the genre of horror, suspense, sci-fi, fantasy, crime, fantasy, and mystery.

What they publish: Their new short fiction anthology is themed ‘Terrifying Ghosts’ Their website elaborates: “Ghastly castles, haunted mansions, shadowy forests and long, dark corridors… This new addition to the Gothic Fantasy series will be packed with tales of terror, bringing together the new and the familiar, the unusual and the unexpected.” Previously published work is okay.

Word Count: 2,000-4,000 words

Pay: $0.08/word  (4,000 words = $320)

Deadline: September 20, 2020

Get more information and submit here. 

Reckoning 5: Environmental Justice

Who they are: Reckoning is a nonprofit annual journal of creative writing on environmental justice.

What they publish: They are looking for creative writing about environmental justice. They say “Fiction preferably at least a tiny bit speculative, nonfiction preferably more creative than journalistic, poetry tending towards the narrative and preferably with some thematic heft, art leaning away from the pulpy heavily towards the political. But the heart of what we want is your searingly personal, visceral, idiosyncratic understanding of the world and the people in it as it has been, as it is, as it will be, as it could be, as a consequence of humanity’s relationship with the earth.”

Who they publish: They are “actively seeking work from Indigenous writers and artists, writers and artists of color, queer and transgender writers and artists, and anyone who has suffered the consequences, intended or otherwise, of dominant society’s systemic disconnect with and mistreatment of the natural world.”

Word count: Up to 20,000 words

Pay: $0.08/word  (20,000 words = $1600)

Deadline: September 22, 2020

Read their guidelines here.

Submit your work here. 

Future Science Fiction Digest: Envision the future of the East Asia region in an optimistic, positive way

Who they are: Future Science Fiction Digest is a quarterly science fiction magazine.

What they publish: “For this call we’re seeking science fiction stories that envision the future of the East Asia region in an optimistic, positive way. No dystopias, please. You can interpret this widely, but the theme has to be at the core of the story. It isn’t enough that the story be merely set in the region.”

Wordcount: Length: 500-10,000 words (under 5,000 words strongly preferred)

Pay: $0.08/word  (5,000 words = $400)

Deadline: September 30, 2020

Read their guidelines and submit your work here. 

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