Hey Writers & Muse Daters!

The media does a good job of sending us constant mixed messages about our health. While some programs remind us about the importance of eating right and exercising, the ad breaks barrage us with flaming fast food and oozing cheese.

Each of us walks this delicate balance every day of eating a treat and eating right, lounging on the couch, and getting some oxygen into our bloodstream.

I don’t know about you, but when I eat a balanced meal or finish a bike ride down the causeway over Lake Champlain, I feel so invigorated. I want to do it again and again.

And so it is with writing–when I sit down and let myself play, let the words flow and create, I feel so alive. But, it isn’t always easy to find that time.

That’s what I’ve loved about the writing gym. It’s time set aside to create, learn, and grow in a nurturing environment. It’s not a critique group out to nitpick my sentence structure or nix my creativity blossom as much as I do. We’ve made powerful connections with our writing and with each other. We’ve laughed ourselves silly and been wowed with each other’s writing.

It’s like exercise class with the muse. We’d love for you to join us. Check it out here and feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.

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