As a life coach with a blossoming career, Barb realized she needed to publish an expert book if she wanted to take her business to the next level. Putting words on a page was no problem, because Barb had plenty of wisdom to share with her readers. However, she realized making that book publishable was a different story. So, when she completed her first draft, Barb turned to me for editing. I worked with Barb to make her manuscript publishable, and sure enough, Barb quickly got published. As a result of this success, Barb has gone on to add multiple coaching programs and retreats to her business, and continues to see the benefits of her expert book every day. 

What I appreciated was Annalisa’s approach to editing and her commitment to be sure that my voice came through, above all else. She worked very quickly and met our agreed-upon deadline. Through our initial conversation about my book and my desires, Annalisa gained a solid understanding of who I was and what I was trying to express through my book. Her editing suggestions were respectful of this and allowed me to choose what felt right to me. I was completely satisfied with her work

Barb Kelin

Author, 111 Invitations

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