You know you could publish that book–if only you could find the time, if only the publishing world weren’t such an insider’s job, if only you knew what the heck agents are looking for.

Want to know how to turn that frustration into publication?

You know your ideas are better than most of what you’ve seen published out there–and yet you stare at the blank page, struggle to find the time to write, and then wrestle with self-doubt, wondering whether anything you’ve written is worth putting out into the world.

The truth is, this kind of self-doubt, procrastination and time-wasting is not getting you any closer to publication because it’s not getting you any closer to completing a manuscript.

And no agent I know is interested in a concept for a novel. S/he wants a complete manuscript in order to even consider your novel for publication.

Here’s the thing: publishers are looking for quality, finished manuscripts.

The faster you can churn out a high-quality one, the faster you can publish.

Publishers are waiting for innovative concepts like yours.

The answer is to create a regular writing habit, one where you can approach the narrative arc with confidence–confidence in your skills, but also confidence that you’re writing to industry standards to create a publishable, salable piece.

If you want to finally finish that novel and make it publishable, the Writing Gym is the place to be right now.


In the meantime, I’ve put together some information to help you on your writing and publishing journey –  a list of publishers accepting manuscripts. No-Fee Submissions. No agent required.


Here’s a pro-tip on how to ensure your work gets selected: talk to a professional who understands what literary journals, writing contests, and publishers look for in submissions. I can work with you on your first 5 pages. You will receive tailored feedback and feel 100% ready to publish. Drop yourself into my calendar here. Spaces are limited.


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Who They Are: MudRoom is a magazine devoted to the transition. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been writing for ten years, or if you just started last month. While like many journals, they publish issues of prose and poetry, they also work to put out content devoted to developing a practice—advice columns on craft, and short essays focused on writing’s convergence with our everyday lives.

What They’re Looking For: Poetry, fiction, essays, and essays in translation

What They Pay: $15

Deadline: August 1, 2021.

Get more information and submit here.


Who They Are: Over the past decade, has published hundreds of new and confirmed writers, poets, academics and artists (the ‘creators’) who share a love of speculative fiction. Going forward, NewMyths’ goal is to build bridges between the creators and the readers so that we forge the future of speculative fiction together.

What They’re Looking For: Science fiction and fantasy

What They Pay: 1.5 cents/word with a minimum payment of $30 for all submissions, fiction, flash fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Book reviews – $30. Art – $60

Deadline: July 31, 2021.

Get more information and submit here.

Tales from the Moonlit Path

Who They Are: Tales from the Moonlit Path was originally published from 2005-2010. Much blood, sweat, and tears went into each and every issue, and a whole lot of wonderfully terrifying fiction and poetry was packed in there, as well. After 8 years, we have decided to resurrect Tales to give talented speculative fiction and horror writers another venue for their creativity.

What They’re Looking For: Dark, eerie, speculative stories

What They Pay: $10

Deadline: July 27, 2021.

Get more information and submit here.

Is your work good enough to get published?

Many writing contests and anthologies receive thousands of submissions. Are you confident that your work is strong enough to stand out from the rest?

We help writers hone their craft so they can feel confident about submitting their best work to publications or competitions. If you’re serious about publishing, you can speak with us to see how we can help you put your best foot forward when you submit your work. Book a call with us today.



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