Do You Have What it Takes to Publish Your Novel?

In his article “None Habits of Published Authors,” Stephen Blake Mettee states that the #1 habit of published authors is that “they learn what the market requires.”

“Who has time to do that?” I hear you say.

And I get it – finding time to write is hard enough, nevermind finding the time to research who’s looking for what, what agents have agency-hopped, if Agent X is still looking for the same genre they said they were looking for last week – to say nothing of figuring out the subgenres of the subgenres of the subgenres that are trending this week. Am I right?

What would life be like if you could work with someone who was speaking with those industry professionals every week to get you the latest information, someone who could support you and guide you to become a published author, to help connect you to the right kind of agents and publishers for your piece?

If that sounds good to you and you want to take the leap and be serious about doing what it takes to become a publishable author, let’s chat.

You can drop yourself right into my calendar here.

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