Looking for “Get Rich Quick” Results? 

A lot of writing groups out there are the equivalent of the “get rich quick” scheme. People in the group are doing one of two things: they are either giving incomplete answers (this is the most generous way I could call it) or they give out completely wrong answers. Writers come in and ask about how he can publish his book and someone else comes in and answers the question incompletely.  

People like me, who spend so much time with industry professionals every single day, know what the actual steps are to get your books published. It seems a complete disservice and it makes me angry when someone who is not equipped to give advice to writers gives them such advice. Many writers are misled by wrong and incomplete answers. They think that they can sell books just by putting them up on Amazon and CreateSpace. Then they realize that no one can find their books and no one buys them. 

I’m sorry to say that these other groups where you’re getting this misinformation are wrong and are leading you in the wrong direction. You’re not going to need your readers, integrate your content with your fans, find the people who love what you have to share by taking a shortcut. 

The truth is it’s going to take you months to get your manuscript ready to publish. It takes work and this work pays off. You’re going to get represented if you put in the work in editing your manuscript into the very best it can be. For many of us, only hard work can get you to your writing success. 

Well over ninety percent of the time, many writers have had their manuscripts sent back to me from editors because their books were not up to publishing standards. Their books had potential, but they were not ready to be published. 

Do you know what a publish-ready book looks like? Do you know what editors, agents, and publishers are looking for? Please, stop looking for shortcut answers and asking people in writing groups who don’t know the answers to these questions. In truth, they are only fellow authors who are also finding their own way in this murky mess. 

If you really want to publish, if you’re really serious about publishing many times and having readers for a room full of people then you’ve got to follow the process that can get your manuscript published. If you’re serious about your dream and want to do it right, let’s talk. I meet with industry professionals everyday and would be glad to talk to you about how you can find your success as an author. 

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