Rejections can hit writers hard, and although there can be many reasons for a rejection, sometimes journals just have too many submissions to sift through. You can improve your odds by seeking out younger journals, but that can be a pain to research.

Luckily, we’ve done the work for you, and found new publishing opportunities that pay.

Here’s a pro-tip on how to ensure your work gets selected: talk to a professional who understands what literary journals, writing contests, and publishers look for in submissions. I can work with you on your first 5 pages. You will receive tailored feedback and feel 100% ready to publish. Drop yourself into my calendar here. Spaces are limited.

If these aren’t your thing, no worries. We put out a curated list of the latest publishing opportunities each week. Be sure to check back here in 7 days for 3 more opportunities! Never miss a publishing opportunity again. Click below to sign up.

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Lost Colony

Who They Are: They will publish one mid-length work of speculative fiction every quarter online, beginning in 2022. They will also publish an ebook and print anthology of the four stories at the end of the year, and offer royalties to writers.

What They Publish: They are looking for works of speculative fiction between 10,000 and 25,000 words. They want stories about the human condition, and usually prefer literary speculative fiction, with limited profanity and nothing too graphic.

What They Pay: $50 flat rate, plus anthology royalties

Deadline: Open for submissions indefinitely (the sooner you submit the better)

Get more information and submit here.

The Abbey Review

Who They Are: A brand new literary magazine, they are publishing their very first issue in January of 2022 and will continue to publish every three months. They are dedicated to changing the market for writers, and normalizing the payment of authors for their work.

What They Publish: They are looking for short fiction of no more than 30 pages, screenplays of no more than 15 pages, and no more than 10 poems. They accept all genres.

What They Pay: $30 flat rate

Deadline: December 1, 2021

Get more information and submit here.

Flash Frog

Who They Are: An online flash fiction journal, they started publishing in January of this year. They published one piece of flash fiction every Monday.

What They Publish: “We like our stories like we like our dart frogs: small, brightly colored, and deadly to the touch.” They accept works of fiction, no more than 1,000 words. You can read their previous publications for free on their website.

What They Pay: $25 flat rate 

Deadline: Submissions are open year-round

Get more information and submit here.

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