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In this interview Annalisa talks about her journey of starting a business as a writing coach and how others can do the same.  Annalisa Parent is the editor of Butt to Chair, Pen to Paper, a Medium Channel about the writing process & life. She has written for many local and national publications and currently teaches several writing classes. What you’ll learn in this episode: What does it mean to be a writing coach? What can you do to harness the creativity hidden inside you to use it for writing? How can you get over your fears to start a new business? What are some ways that people can create a support system? What struggles people face for a startup and how Parent helps them?   Recommended in this episode:   Connect with Annalisa: www.annalisaparent.com   —- “The Start Your Thing Podcast is where you get quick tips on launching and growing your business. Learn how to overcome roadblocks, hear from experts in all areas of online business like sales, marketing, website development, branding, business strategy… it’s all here. It’s all free and it’s all for YOU” – Monique Welch   Learn more about this and future episodes at www.startyourthing.com

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