What’s it like to co-author a book?

What’s it like to co-author a book?

What is it like to co-author a book?


Nate Herzog and I recently released part one of our series novel No 2. Inc.


Annalisa Parent Vermont Author Writer Writing Instructor

The next installment is due in June… but, have you ever wondered: what’s it like to write with someone else?  Check out this article Nate wrote for the skinny.


No2 Inc. Origin Story

No special abilities.

No special costumes.

Being a sidekick is just a job.

This story is about how we at No.2 Inc are creating a story, actually a series of stories, about an agency that outsources sidekick services to superheroes. With a premise involving superheroes, you might think this story was born from a love of comic books, but strangely it wasn’t. I mean, we didn’t start off by saying, “Let’s write it about the adventures of a super human.” But more on that later. For now, think of this project as one we didn’t expect to love, but eventually stole our hearts.

 I’m using the collective we a lot. There are two of us involved. Me, Nate, and my writing partner Annalisa. And No.2 Inc isn’t the name of an actual company. It’s a fictional company, an employment agency. The premise is this: all super heroes have secret identifies. In fact, they prefer to remain as incognito as possible. But, when you’re out doing super hero things in super hero ways, it can take a lot of work to keep all that under wraps. That’s where No.2 Inc comes in. They offer specialized services at keeping titanic people hidden. Think of them as sidekicks for hire.

As I mentioned, telling another super hero story didn’t initially interest us much. It had been done a lot already for decades. But, what we kept wondering about were the practicalities of being a super hero. Who patches and launders the outfits? Who upgrades the computer systems? The hero doesn’t have time for everything. What we were really interested in was the behind the scenes of hero-dom. In some cases, it was the real story of what happened when titans clashed, and who cleaned it all up. And that… that was interesting. But how did this story really begin?

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Let us know in the below comments what you think of of our story or the concept of coauthoring. 

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