Pluses and Minuses of the Digital Age

Pluses and Minuses of the Digital Age

Pluses and Minuses of the Digital Age 

I want to talk to you about the digital age as it concerns writing and publishing. I have spoken with a lot of you about where you are and what your goals are for your writing. You’ve all shared your celebrations as well as frustration during this writing process.

I have noticed that many people don’t understand publishing. I constantly ask writers how they want to publish. Many don’t know that there are three different ways to publish: 

  1. Traditional publishing
  2. Self-publishing
  3. Hybrid publishing

Many writers who don’t know about these fall victim to scams and lose money without real progress in their writing career. The development of the digital age has made many things easily accessible to people. But with this accessibility comes some pro(s) and cons. 

The best advantage of the digital age:

  • Democratization of publishing
    • Back when the internet didn’t exist, publishing houses ultimately decided who to publish. Now, with the digital age it has opened up publishing for many people. 

Disadvantages of the digital age:

  • Not knowing the best publishing route for your writing.
    • This happens when writers don’t research about the different ways to publish and what would work best for them. 
  • Not knowing trustworthy from untrustworthy sources. 
    • There are many scammers and shysters online who will pretend to help you publish with their products. These people sell you “cheap” and “affordable” products but ones that will not get you anywhere. 

In the end writers lose time and money from these disadvantages. It is very important for writers to understand their best publishing route. We want you to publish your story out into the world, in a way that will not waste your time and will get you to your goal. 

If you’d like to learn about the different ways of publishing, we have an affordable course that walks you through it. We can figure out the best publishing route for you. 

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