Fast Track to Publishing?

Fast Track to Publishing?

Is there a fast track to publishing? 

When you live somewhere for a while, you know there are shortcuts you can take to potentially avoid traffic. I was stuck in traffic at this one particular road leading to a highway, but I knew, due to experience, that I could avoid that traffic by taking a different road.

How is this situation like getting published?

I was speaking to graduate from our Writing Gym VIP Program about her frustrations in the past and her submitted manuscript getting rejected. Looking back, after graduating from the VIP program, she has a newfound sense of why the agents rejected her manuscripts before.

She realized even when she was working with editors, these editors did not have an “in” on the publishing industry standards. She was kept in the dark the whole time for working with people who were not talking to agents on a regular basis. 

Her frustrations mimicked how I would feel driving from Colorado and getting stuck in traffic. I might be in that line of bumper to bumper cars all the way up over the hill into the highway, not knowing that everyone else is waiting to get into the highway. Because I’m from out of town, I don’t know I have been sitting on the wrong lane. I want to go somewhere that does not lead to the highway, yet because of my lack of knowledge of the town, I end up on the lane that leads to this highway.

Many writers I know have been frustrated, because they have been sitting on the wrong lane.

They’ve been working with people who do not have inside knowledge of the industry, so they have been preventing themselves from getting on the fast track to publishing. 

I believe there are no shortcuts to publishing, but there is a faster way to get there. You have to work with someone who is directly connected and communicating with agents and publishers to get on this fast lane. 

Recently, I was having lunch with agents in New York, and we talked about the frustrating things that writers do and experience. Many writers have the potential to be successful, but their mistake is not getting the right people to edit their work. 

If you are a writer hoping to traditionally publish, and would like to get on the fast-er lane to publishing, get an inside look of the industry, and to know more about what editors and publishers are looking for, let’s talk. I would love to chat with you about where you are, where you’d like to go, and how you can get there. 

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