What is the Most Overlooked Ingredient to Publishing Success?

What is the Most Overlooked Ingredient to Publishing Success?

What is the Most Overlooked Ingredient to Publishing Success? 

It’s probably not what you think it is. 

The most overlooked ingredient to publishing success is clarity.

Many well-meaning authors attempt to find clarity by seeking feedback. More often than not, they end up more muddled than when they started.

I was working with one of my clients, Vivian, in some intricate plotting and pacing in her novel. Vivian is a highly intelligent writer. Her writing is very intricate, detailed, and interwoven. 

She told me: “I am so happy you see my novel. I got so many useless feedback before. They’ve told me that I’m writing two books in one novel, to take out a character or a thread that is not going to work. No ones ever really understood my vision clearly before.” What I did in working with her is I gave her the first of clarity. 

What has she done before? She went to free writing groups and received unhelpful and unclear feedback. In short, she was not given the feedback that she needed in order to make progress in her writing. What she really needed was someone who could get the clarity on many aspects of her book and how they are interwoven. 

You only call a mechanic to fix your car and a plumber to fix your sink. If you want quality feedback that gives you clarity and moves you forward, call a professional–someone who understands the intricacies of interwoven characters, plot, and more. The bottom line: If you want clarity, seek a professional.

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If you are serious about having a long term writing career, I’d love to speak with you about where you are, where you’d like to go, and how you can get there. 

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